Commissioning & Operation & Maintenance


Commissioning is the process of assuring all components of a project are installed as per design, tested and operated according to the operational requirements of the project client.

The commissioning process usually comprises the integrated application of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project, from individual functions up to modules, subsystems and the whole systems.

Using the accumulated experiences and professional expertise gained from the implementation of more than 1,900 projects, HanmiGlobal offers tailor-made commissioning services for various kinds of projects.

Operation & Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance encompasses a broad spectrum of services required to assure that each and every component and the whole system are performing their intended functions

Based on Life Cycle Cost Analysis, a process of evaluating the economic performance of buildings or various facilities over their entire life, HanmiGlobal suggests a trade-off between initial cost and long-term cost, identifies the most cost-efficient system for a given use, and determines how long it will take for a system to pay back its initial construction cost.