We have been involved in high-rise buildings, mixed-use buildings, offices, commercial & retail buildings, factories, housings and the facilities for sport, medical, tourist, education/culture and religion in Korea. Also, we have carried out 168 projects of different building types in 43 different countries. Based on these projects, we ensure successful project delivery for design management, quality management, process control and cost management as a Total Solution Provider.

We provide the best solutions for :

  • Producing optimized designs that reflect the Client’s requirements during the design phase.
  • Reducing construction and maintenance costs during the initial stage of projects by systematic Value Engineering(VE) method.
  • Enhancing design completeness and constructability through Design Review and Management(DR & DM), to prevent any possible cost overrun, time delay or construction related risk during the construction phase.
  • Managing the whole processes of construction projects to deliver projects on-time, within the budget, and up to client’s quality expectation by balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost.

High-rise projects

  • Review and technical support from professionals specialized in international projects, high-rise buildings and technical support (DR, Construction Plan, Special Consulting, etc.)
  • Draw up method including key issues of high-rise buildings
  • Participation in 60~70% of high-rise projects in Korea ensures successful high-rise projects in overseas.